Welcome to the Burner API

The Burner API enables programmatic access to core telephony functions like sending and receiving messages and media, as well as the “business logic” layer we’ve spent years building.

Key Burner features include per-line configuration and settings, contact management, blocking and muting, content filtering, text auto-responses, and more.

Full API access to Burner means developers can now build integrations that enhance and extend Burner’s messaging and application capabilities in ways that we believe represent the future of smart phone numbers.

Developers can also take advantage of this API to embed Burner’s basic and enhanced calling and messaging experiences into their apps via OAuth. Your users get all the benefits and features of our top-rated voice and messaging client (and the support and business functions that stand behind it), while you get all the benefits of controlling the phone number at the network level. In effect, you can treat the Burner app itself as a service, rather than building your own “last mile” on top of a bare-bones telephony API.

We also offer incoming and outgoing webhooks that can be used in conjunction with API access or enabled per Burner Line via our Developer Connection.

Examples of the kind of apps that can be built with the Burner platform include:

  • Apps that can change your phone line’s ringer and notifications settings based on external events or conditions, or vice versa
  • Apps that can listen to incoming messages, read and process their content, and respond as a bot/agent or trigger other events based on context
  • Apps that can sync contacts between a Burner account and other services
  • Apps that can automatically text others from your phone based on external triggers and data
  • A phone number that’s integrated and optimized for use with another service, which can write phone line info to an external profile, update contacts and so on

If you'd like to build an app, request credentials to get started. You can also check out some examples for inspiration and sample code. Please also feel free to get in touch with questions or if you’re interested in a partnership or custom integration.