Outgoing Webhooks

Setting an outgoing webhook in Burner

You can have Burner post data to an outgoing webhook when the a number receives a text message. To create an outgoing webhook for your Burner, you first need to enable the developer connection through the developer console.

You can also activate outgoing webhooks by creating your own application using OAuth and requesting the messages:connect scope

Select a Burner that you want to create a webhook for and tap “enable.” In the Developer Connection section, find the outgoing webhook field and type in the url you want burner to send data to. Assuming you configured https://mysite.com/my-powerful-burner-events as your url, burner will send the following JSON body whenever the connected burner receives a text message:

  "type": "inboundText", 
  "payload": "Are you there?", 
  "fromNumber": "+12222222222", 
  "toNumber": "+13333333333",
  "userId": "{burner user id}",
  "burnerId": "{burner id}

In the above payload, type is one of either inboundText, inboundMedia or voiceMail.

The corresponding payload will either be the inbound text message, or a full media url containing either an image or an audio file.

The toNumber in this case is always the burner number.

The request to the outgoing webhook url would look like:

POST https://mysite.com/my-powerful-burner-events -d '{ "type": "inboundText", "payload": "Are you there?", "fromNumber":"+12222222222", "toNumber": "+13333333333", "userId": "d42b8365-f5ab-4b82-96c5-ce30728b57d0", "burnerId": "c0e9fd34-792d-4c98-940b-bdd4851b5514" }'