Webhook Examples

This page contains examples - with code - of just some ways you could use webhooks (either incoming or outgoing) on your Burner number to add custom functionality. Some of these example apps require either a Heroku account and a bit of technical skill, and others don't require anything more than simply enabling the developer connection on your Burner line and copying / pasting URLs.

If you've built something and you'd like us to list it here, just shoot us a text at (323) 391-4827 or email at developers@burnerapp.com.


FAQBot is an SMS bot that augments Burner's Slack connection by enabling an API.ai-powered agent to sit alongside the humans in your Slack channel and respond automatically and intelligently to incoming texts.


Echobot is a simple tutorial that will allow you to create a bot for your Burner number using incoming and outgoing webhooks. The tutorial will show you how to quickly deploy a simple application to heroku that will add a bot to your Burner line that auto responds to any incoming text with a new text that has the same message.


This tutorial will allow you to add any api.ai agent to your Burner line. You will learn how to create an api.ai agent without any code, deploy a simple app to a heroku server, and attach that agent to your Burner so it can easily reply back based on how you configured the agent.


It's easy to use Burner's incoming and outcoming webhooks to connect your phone number to a vast number of IFTTT recipes. Forward text messages to your Gmail address, turn on your Philips Hue Lights when you receive a text, or send someone a text when you get home.


Use Burner webhooks with Zapier to trigger actions in other apps you use. Zapier call these "Zaps." You can make simple Zaps, or complex ones that, for example, only trigger an action when you get a text from a certain person. In this tutorial you will forward inbound texts to your gmail account.